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AI Wings - An AIoT Drone System

AI Wings is an AIoT Drone System that consists of a cloud server for commanding drone fleets securely, software/hardware design for AIoT drones, and VR simulation for training and testing AI models. Users can install the AI models on the drones and deploy them in the real world. This project is under active development. Welcome to join us! (project home)

Drone Action Recognition

In this project, our goal is to train an embedded action detector on a drone that can recognize complex human actions such as running, eating, smoking, photo shooting. We have created a large-scale dataset to evaluate our algorithm. (project home)

VIVID - Virtual Environment for Visual Deep Learning

VIVID is a photo-realistic simulator that aims to facilitate deep learning for computer vision, which supports different characters: robot, drone, and automobile. The platform can be used for many research fields including deep reinforcement learning, semantic segmentation object recognition and human action recognition. For more details please visit the project's homepage.

Pothole Detection

We work together with Feng Chia University to develop a real-time pothole detector on Xilinx FPGA. Additionally, we propose to train detectors in VIVID, and increase the accuracy with less real training photos. Our system can also connect to CarSim and simulate the response of real cars' suspension systems. (project home)

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Prof. Kuan-Ting (K. T.) Lai 賴冠廷

Dr. Kuan-Ting Lai received bachelor's degree in Electric Engineering and master's degree in Computer Science from National Taiwan University in 2003 and 2005. After graduation, he joined Quanta Computer as a video ASIC engineer for 4 years, and started to pursue Ph.D. in 2009, under supervision of Prof. Ming-Syan Chen. During 2012-2013, Dr. Lai visited Prof. Shih-Fu Chang’s DVMM lab at Columbia University, and co-developed a large-scale video event detection system with IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. He received his Ph.D. degree in Feb. 2015 and became the VP of technology at Arkados Group. He also co-founded AnyCharge, a wireless charging service provider in Asia. In 2018, Dr. Lai joined the Department of Electronic Engineering at National Taipei University of Technology (臺北科技大學電子工程系) as an Assistant Professor. His research interests include computer vision, deep learning, virtual-to-real learning and Internet of Things. His habit is traveling around the world by joining conferences and making new friends.


Year 2022

Zong-Ming He

  • Hardware Engineer, Inventec, 2019 - 2022

Pin-Hsuan Liu

  • Advanced Placement Computer Science (APCS) Teaching Assistant

Zhi-Xuan Wang


Ching-Lin Lee

  • Hardware Engineer, Accton (智邦科技), 2021 - 2022

Kai-Ming Hu

  • Joining International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) & ACM National Programming Contest for Private Universities (NCPU)

Ya-Yun Chang

  • Advanced Placement Computer Science (APCS) Teaching Assistant

Tzu-Hsin Liu


Ying-You Lin

  • Software engineer, LargitData
  • 7th HACKATHON TAIWAN JUNIOR, Honorable Mention Award

Yu-Hsiung Chiu

  • Technical Supervisor, Atrust Computer Corp.

Year 2021

Wei-Xuan You

  • Academic Excellence Award, Department of Electronic Engineering, NTUT
  • BIOS Server Firmware Engineer, Compal 2021

Kuo-Chan Sheng

  • Academic Excellence Award

Bo-Yi Lin

  • 2018 Academic Excellence Award, Department of Communication Engineerning, AEUST

Chung-Ying Ho


Pin-Huei Liou

  • Software engineer, Micromax International Corp.

Pin-Chun Li

  • Quality Testing Engineer, Xiaomi Taiwan
  • Quality Testing Engineer, OPPO/Realme Taiwan

Cheng-Yi Lin

  • Intern, CyberLink

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